Spring Focus: What Fashion Means To Us
This Spring we're focusing in on what fashion means to us - why it's important and what we want our clothes to say about who we are.

Personal style is, well, personal - so every woman's look is completely unique and individual. Our clothes are a way to express ourselves to others, whilst also reaffirming how we feel about ourselves.

Dressing right helps sets the scene for each day, and enables us to get into the right mindset for whatever life may throw at us.

Fashion for the brave

Rain Kiss, Moa Rain Poncho, £65

We're on a mission to empower our women to feel bold and brave through fashion.
Clothes that make you feel your best. Pieces which are confidence boosters, mood lifters, and heart-singing-with-excitement-at-how-gorgeous-our-new dress-is crowd-pleasers.

Items that are also sustainable, made to last, and made with care for people, animals and nature. 

How to pick what is right for you

Krista Quilted Vest, Saint Tropez, £79.99

For us, the key lies in buying fewer things but buying right. Finding clothes which fit great and feel divine when they're on, and then cherishing them!

It's all in the choosing carefully and wisely, but also choosing to be bold and letting your personality shine through.

We offer a free in-store personal styling service to help you find the best choices for you, and we're always on hand in store to offer a second opinion or thoughts on styling!

So what are our tips for this season?

Mila Lily Blouse, Pom, £129

As you look ahead to this season, we'd urge you to think about your style and what you want to say with your next look. 

Go brave with bright colours. Be fun with statement patterns. Overall, find items which make your confidence bloom as you slip them on for their first wear out.

Love always,

The Spirit gals
February 28, 2022 — Rose Webster